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Yoga Wear for Fun and Function

Yoga wearThere are so many great things about yoga as a form of exercise, the least of which isn’t that yoga wear is so comfy and can be so much fun to shop for!  Of course, that’s no reason by itself to choose yoga as a form of exercise (or is it??)  The fact is, yoga offers a plethora of health benefits for people of all ages and fitness levels.  Let’s take a quick look at some different aspects of yoga that you might want to consider if you’re new to it.

Shopping for Yoga Wear is just Icing on the Cake

First of all, congratulations for your decision to get (or stay) fit.  We all know that exercise does wonders for the body, mind and spirit, keeping us healthy and helping us fight many of the problems that are associated with aging.  The thing is, with today’s busy lifestyles and limited budgets, finding the time, money and motivation to start on an exercise program can be daunting.  The good news is that yoga can still find a place in your life and give you the benefits you’re looking for.

The one thing that we all have to deal with is time.  We only have 24 hours in a day and often it feels like we have at least twice that much worth of stuff we need to get done each and every day.  It is very common for people to say that they just don’t have time to exercise even 20 minutes, much less the 60 to 90 minutes that is often needed for a yoga class.  We understand.

The truth of the matter though, is that when you force yourself to find that time to practice yoga, you will find yourself more focused and more energized to handle all those tasks that are waiting for you.   Trust me, those things will be there after your yoga session.  But for the time you give yourself to forget about them and just focus on yourself, your body and your breathing, they will effectively disappear.

When you do return to them, you will probably be amazed at how much more you’ll be able to accomplish, in a much more efficient manner than before.  It may sound crazy, but if you ask around and talk to other students of yoga, many will tell you this is exactly what they experienced themselves.

Sometimes the issue of expenses prevents people from trying a new form of exercise.  They don’t want to (or simply can’t) afford to invest a bunch of money into something they’re not sure is going to work for them, like new classes or new yoga wear.  This makes perfect sense.

The good news is that yoga doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to check out.  In fact, many local colleges and community centers offer classes to the public where you pay a nominal fee per-class.  Sometimes there are even discounts for students and seniors, but even if you don’t get a discount, the costs are typically low enough that it shouldn’t be cost prohibitive to check it out.

Another issue that comes up often when people are wondering whether or not to incorporate yoga into their new fitness routine is whether it will be “good enough” as a form of exercise for them.  After all, it’s neither weight training nor cardio exercise, and that’s what everyone says you should be doing, right?

Not necessarily.

Yoga is definitely a strengthening exercise, even though it’s not “weight training” per se.  The thing is, while you’re not moving external weights, you are working with the weight of your own body in a variety of different poses. Doing this engages many of the core muscles that are so vital to living a vital, pain free life (in other words, helping to prevent things like back pain and injuries).

Think about it… what do you think will serve you better in the long run – big bicep muscles or a strong core?  Would you rather be able to bench press a small truck or be able to effortlessly bend down to pick something up off the floor?

Yoga wear AnchorageAnd as far as calorie burning goes… if you don’t think yoga will burn calories, you simply haven’t tried it yet!  It doesn’t have to be painful to be effective.  Have a look at many of the yoga instructors around and tell me that they don’t look healthy.

Now that you’re in, get yourself some killer yoga wear!

Finally, once you’re convinced that yoga can be a good choice for you in your quest for wellness, let me suggest that you make sure you do get yourself some good quality yoga clothes.

Yes, it’s true that you could simply wear a pair of old sweat pants and tshirt to do your yoga, but believe it or not, today’s high tech fabrics and clothing design actually do make yoga even more pleasurable than if you were to go without it.  This is because these yoga clothes allow you to move freely, and will help to regulate your body temperature while keeping the sweat away from your skin.

On top of that, you simply look great when you’re wearing nice, fashionable yoga wear!

Finding good yoga clothes doesn’t need to break the bank either.  While some of the bigger named brands can get pretty expensive, it can be a lot of fun and often more affordable to check out some of the smaller lines of yoga wear that are often only carried in boutique shops (like [bodyphlo] of course!)