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Shopping for Yoga Clothes in Anchorage

yoga clothesAlthough yoga is one of the oldest forms of exercise out there, finding a good place to buy yoga clothes in Anchorage is something rather new. And finding good quality yoga clothes is important if you want to make the most of your yoga experience. This is for practical reasons and not simply a fashion statement… although having fashionable yoga clothes is pretty cool, as long as you’re getting them.

The reason it’s important to have quality and specifically designed yoga clothing is because of the nature of yoga itself. It is an exercise that requires you to be able to move in all directions without being impeded by your clothing. Trust us… some of the positions are challenging enough that you don’t need anything else to make it any more difficult than it already is!

Also, because yoga is about more than simply physical exercise, you also don’t want your clothes to be a distraction in any other ways either. For example, yoga tops are made to be body hugging so that if you’re doing a pose where your head is below your waist, you won’t need to worry about your shirt slipping over the top of your head.

Yoga pants are made with the same materials and for the same reasons, although you can find some yoga pants that are flared at the bottom, giving a bit more of a loose fit around the calves. You can also find short yoga pants as well as cropped, mid-length styles.

Yoga Clothes Need to be Stretchy

The fact that the material used is stretchy is also beneficial in other ways, such as not having to worry about your clothes ripping or tearing in the middle of a yoga class. While you may giggle at the thought of it, trust me when I say it’s more than a little distracting if it actually happens to you.

Speaking of materials, it is also highly beneficial to have yoga clothes that are made from fabrics that breathe very well. Yoga may not appear to be a demanding form of exercise, but until you try it, you won’t appreciate the fact that you can work up a serious sweat while practicing a few asanas or poses. And we’re not even discussing Bikrim or hot yoga, where you will certainly do more than your fair share of sweating!

For the reasons mentioned above, having yoga clothes that wick sweat away from the surface of your skin and to the outer layers of your clothing is a really good idea. This allows the body to regulate its temperature better, which will also help you in your ability to focus on the job at hand, which is your postures and your breathing.

Additionally, many of the modern materials that wick sweat away also have built in anti-microbial properties which will help keep your yoga clothes from smelling terrible after a while. From my personal experience, I can’t say the same thing about cotton.

As for different brands of yoga clothes, you have a wide array to choose from these days. Many people are familiar with brands such as Lucy and LuluLemon, but there are many other, smaller, lesser known but equally functional and fashionable brands out there. In fact, many people prefer the idea of supporting the smaller, independent brands if for no other reason than to put their own personal stamp on their yoga clothes choices.

Other great brands of yoga clothes and accessories:

Some of the brands that you may not yet know about but that you should definitely check out include the following: MeSheeky, Purple Tree, Phat Buddha, Sweaty Bands, and Papaya as well as accessories from Kulae and Manduka.

Of course there are other bigger brands that I should mention including Oakley Active Women, Mondetta Performance Gear (MPG), and Splits 59, all of whom offer exceptional yoga clothes as well as other women’s activewear.

If this all seems a bit overwhelming for you, don’t worry. Here at [bodyphlo] we carry a wide selection of different brands and we would be more than happy to help you find the perfect yoga clothes for your personal needs.