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Women’s Running Clothes

women's running clothes, Anchorage, AKSince long before women’s running clothes became its’ own niche industry, you’ve enjoyed running. In the beginning, you’d throw on a pair of cut-off sweatpants and an old t-shirt and get a few miles in most mornings. When it was over, you felt healthy and alive. You wouldn’t have called it fun, exactly, but you couldn’t imagine life without it.

Then one day, you got passed by a woman in a skirt and colorful top. She looked great, and she was smiling! Suddenly, your threadbare outfit felt inappropriate.

Here you were, putting it all on the line, celebrating the life force pumping through your veins, dressed in… stained cotton. That day, you went home and ordered yourself a pair of brightly colored running shoes, some patterned tanks, and a couple of running skirts. Decked out in your new gear, you hit the pavement with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Welcome to the stunning (stylish running) world of Women’s Running Clothes, fastinista!

[bodyphlo] brings the running woman’s wardrobe in pace with the energetic, confident woman who wears it. Designers are finally recognizing and embracing the fun and lighthearted nature of runners. You aren’t masochists, bent on torturing your bodies into obedience. Runners are fun-loving people! They refuse to accept the notion that our bodies aren’t meant for speed; to run with the wind. They nurture the childhood belief that humans just might be able to fly!

What fastinistas know, and the rest of the running world is beginning to understand, is that running is fun. It doesn’t have to be a somber affair, performed in shades of black and gray. [bodyphlo] carries clothing created by runners, for runners, and by companies dedicated to proving that quality and performance can coexist beautifully with fashion. Here are some of our favorite pieces that today’s fastinista is incorporating into her workout clothes.

Running Skirtsrunning skirts Anchorage, AK

At one time in the not-so-distant past, women were not even allowed to enter some of our country’s most prestigious marathons. Today’s women are owning those marathons, and many of them are doing it in a skirt. What better way to embrace the girl-power movement than by donning this oh-so feminine of athletic garments?

[bodyphlo] carries the Running Skirt brand, widely known for their gorgeous patterns and uncompromising quality. Lightweight, super-wicking fabrics use flat seams to prevent chafing. Pockets are placed conveniently and ergonomically, providing the perfect place to stow energy gels, a key, or a music player. To increase the modesty factor during movement, our skirts incorporate coordinating briefs into their design. These briefs are engineered to provide excellent ventilation and never bunch or ride up.

In addition to their unparalleled performance, Running Skirts brand running skirts bring fashion-forward styling to your run. Bright solids and cheerful patterns with contrasting waistbands add punch to your running ensemble. A wide variety of colors allow you to match your skirt with tanks or tees of the same or different brands, making your running style completely customizable.

Embrace your inner girly-girl by putting on a running skirt, then get out there and show the boys how it’s done!

Arm Warmers

Arm warmers, or arm sleeves, are another example of running gear that is gaining in popularity. These sleeves keep your arms warm during cool weather runs, and protect them from the wind and rain. They are made of comfortable wicking fabrics which keep your skin dry and prevent chafing. They feature super convenient pockets for energy snacks or whatever else you need to have on hand during your workout.

Like all the gear we offer, our arm sleeves come in a tantalizing array of patterns and solids. They are the perfect accessory to compliment all the rest of the great women’s fitness clothes offered at [bodyphlo].

Compression Socks

Compression socks are snug-fitting and end at knee-height. Like all of our fitness gear, our compression socks come in several colors and patterns. They feature adorable details and designs, and coordinate nicely with the rest of our women’s running clothes.

compression socks for womenCompression socks offer significant benefits to runners by preventing blood from pooling in the feet and ankles during long runs. Increasing circulation in this fashion avoids the heavy, low-energy feeling that can sometimes hinder a runner just as things are getting good. Better blood flow will increase the energy you are able to give in the late stages of your workout.

In addition to benefits gained by improved circulation, many runners swear the socks provide post-run perks as well. The compression helps to stabilize muscles during a workout, preventing small-scale tears and inflammation which can lead to soreness. This may help alleviate or prevent symptoms associated with injuries such as shin splints.

Compression socks can be worn before, during, and after a run, maximizing your comfort and the time you get to spend in these adorably beneficial accessories!

Embrace Your Inner Fastinista with the latest in women’s running clothes!

Running is a way to embrace life and the body you’ve been given to live it. It is a way to challenge your limitations and celebrate the beauty of movement. We want to provide you with women’s running clothes that reflect this sense of joy and adventure.

Let the colors loose! Revel in patterns and designs that elevate your sense of comfort and style. Running is about you, and you are stunning! Let [bodyphlo] help you celebrate that today with the latest in women’s running clothes!