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Womens Fitness Clothing

Women's fitness clothing AnchorageYou exercise in order to feel good and look good, so why wear women’s fitness clothing that achieves neither of these goals? Our collections at [bodyphlo] feature high-tech materials and body-loving designs engineered to maximize your comfort and celebrate your form. Here are some key elements of women’s fitness clothing that we find essential. You can expect our clothing to rise above the rest of the field in all the areas that matter, just like the women who wear them.


Impeccable quality is the first requirement that comes to mind for anyone who is serious about their workout gear. Fitness oriented garments must stand up to fierce levels of activity and frequent laundering without losing their shape and appearance. Black pants should remain black, despite the ravages of the most intense workout and repeated rounds in the washing machine. Built-in bras should retain their level of compression from the treadmill to the yoga mat.

The ability of athletic clothing to stand up to the abuse hurled at it by a demanding athlete depends on the materials used to create it, and the technique employed in its construction. With high level brands such as Splits59, NUX USA, Oakley Active Women, and Mondetta Performance Gear, you can shop with confidence, knowing that the dedication and skill that goes into each piece is beyond compare.

Women’s Fitness Clothing that Actually Fits!

Most women are familiar with the poorly-made garment that looks pretty cute on the hanger. The price is so low, you give it a try, only to find out that some garments are apparently created with hangers in mind! The proportions are often inappropriate for a real female body, creating lumps that don’t exist and offering nothing in the way of the support required by a real workout. Such outfits may suit a weekend warrior, interested in the occasional low-key walk around the neighborhood, but you are in the market for something that will go the extra mile, and go it fast.

We understand. Our women’s fitness clothing collection has been created with real athletes in mind. Dancers, marathon runners, yoga and pilates buffs, and gym rats alike have given their seal of approval to these garments. We know, because the [bodyphlo] girls are all of those things and every product we sell is put to the test in our own active lives. The clothing we sell provides the range of movement necessary to achieve a high level of performance during the most demanding exercise. It doesn’t bunch, slip, slide, or squeeze. Clothing that truly fits allows you to move with fluid grace through every mile or every pose, without stopping to adjust fallen straps or pinching elastic.


In addition to perfect fit, your comfort is determined by the quality and technical capability of the fabrics your fitness apparel is made of. Garments that are easily sweat-soaked hold moisture near your skin, causing uncomfortable temperature variances and increasing the odds of chafing. Modern athletes are fortunate to benefit from cutting-edge technologies which have revolutionized the textile industry in recent years. New fabrics combine pleasing textures with unparalleled wicking properties. They move sweat quickly away from the skin, allowing you to finish your workout in perfect comfort.


You are determined. You are NOT boring. We know how much you appreciate the value of understated elegance and innovative design. You wear clothes that accentuate the positive and express your personality as it is reflected in the elegant and inventive nature of the garment itself.

Our fitness clothing offers sleek lines composed of layering pieces, each soft and pleasing to the touch; flattering to the form. Classic neutrals provide backdrops to an intelligent use of color, placed strategically to enhance your movement as you flow through your routine. Inventive designs create attractive, fashion-forward silhouettes.

Our apparel is saturated in style, yet never strays from a basic obsession with performance. We know performance comes first; that you would work out in basic black every day if you had to in order to find comfort. You don’t have to, and we don’t want you to. We think your vibrant personality is as important as the body that houses it. Let us help you show them both off.

Put the women’s fitness clothing from [bodyphlo] To The Test

You are elegant, powerful, and innovative, and we don’t think you should expect any less from your fitness apparel. Our women’s fitness clothing collection provides you with garments that work as hard as you do, during your workout and beyond. Our fashion-forward labels are made for your dynamic lifestyle; featuring designs that live at the forefront of innovation; turning heads while turning up the volume on your workout.

Whether you test your gear during an early morning jog, an afternoon spin class at the gym, or by the way it hangs in downward dog, we’ve got the design that will pass your test with flying colors. Let us help you discover a whole new level of comfort and energy in your next workout, adorned in the latest and greatest women’s fitness clothing in Anchorage!