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Stylish Gym Bags For Women

stylish gym bags for women

stylish gym bags for women

Gym bags for women have not received the attention they deserve during the recent evolution of stylish fitness fashion. Many of us still lug our fashionable fitness attire and accessories around in shapeless, unremarkable bags that say nothing about us and the high standards we set. Thankfully, the time has come for truly stylish gym bags for women.

The gaze of designers with a keen eye for marrying form and function have landed on our faded, junior high, standard issue, fraying totes. They’ve cocked their heads, scrunched their noses, and resolved to remedy this situation. The result is an awe-inspiring new crop of technologically and ergonomically advanced bags now available in a variety of styles, colors and designs.

More than your typical cavernous carryall, the new gym bag has been highly engineered to organize and store the gear that takes your fitness to new heights. And form has not been sacrificed for function. Whether your style is streamlined and simple, or feminine and frilly, now you can bring that vibe off of the street and into the studio with you. It has been a long time coming, and it is finally here. Stunning gym bags are now available to add a finishing touch to your fashion forward fitness wardrobe.

Many of us have committed ourselves to our exercise regime for the centering effect it has on our lives. A well maintained body and sense of physical well-being create a state of calm in our life just as significantly as a tidy home and healthy diet. It is only reasonable to extend this level of clarity to the way we organize our fitness gear. A well-designed gym bag is an essential element in achieving this.

Be delighted with stylish gym bags like the Manduka MatSak yoga mat bag

Manduka is a purveyor of the highest quality yoga mats in the industry, and has not missed a stride with the MatSak. This sturdy, cotton canvas carrier is constructed with impeccable attention to detail. It features two spacious pockets for storing your water, keys, mat cleaner, towel, and other small items. The main compartment easily accommodates even larger and heavier yoga mats. All are easy to carry due to the comfortably padded strap which is conveniently attached with swiveling clips for ease of movement. This bag will be popular with minimalists and is unique in its unisex appeal.

Fashionistas of the fitness world will be dazzled by more feminine gym bags currently offered by companies such as OGorgeous. At first glance, OGorgeous bags have the eye catching features of the day’s most stylish, high-end handbags. Available in a broad spectrum of animal-friendly vegan leather hues, and decked in stunning pleats and bows, a skeptic would never predict the high level of practicality these bags bring to the table.

A low profile side tab secures your yoga mat, while inner pockets provide convenient storage for all your gear, including a padded laptop sleeve, clear view jewelry pocket, and phone slip. OGorgeous bags deliver you from a world in which you were forced to check your fashion sense at the gym door when it came to accessorizing. With a gym bag of this quality and style, you will feel every bit as fierce walking past the free weights as a supermodel strutting down her runway.

Artistic members of the fitness world, do not fear, the new crop of gym bags has something for you as well! Certain companies have been on the cutting edge of marrying artistic form and practical function for years. Prominent among these establishments is Papaya, a lifestyle company seeking to harmonize key elements of art and function.

Another example of a stylish gym bag – the Papaya Luxe Tote

stylish gym bags for women

another stylish gym bag for women

The Luxe Tote maintains a traditional tote profile, enhanced by bold, inventive, and often inspirational graphic art. Though not specifically designated as a “gym bag”, the Luxe Tote more than accommodates the demands of a fitness lifestyle. It’s sturdy oil cloth construction, durable hardware, inner compartments and vibrant, water-resistant interior lining allow this deceptively lovely bag to do the heavy lifting once reserved for its shabby workhorse predecessors.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: If you can do all this work and still look gorgeous at the end of the day, so should your gym bag. Fitness is no longer about sweating it out with little or no regard for how you look doing it. The way you dress says something about who you are. Wearing something you love helps you to feel comfortable in your skin, and tells the world a little bit about what you stand for. Carrying a gym bag that complements your style puts the finishing touches on your fierce fitness wardrobe and brings that much more organization to your hectic day.

Do yourself a favor and look into the newest generation of gym bags that look like they just walked off the runway. You and your workout deserve it, and you’ll feel on top of the world with any of the above mentioned stylish gym bags for women.