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Studio Shoes – The Latest in Fitness Footwear

studio shoes by rio soul

studio shoes by rio soul

One of the newest trends in the ever-evolving world of fitness footwear has been the recent introduction of studio shoes. Studio shoes are soft-soled shoes designed to be worn in studio-centered classes such as yoga, pilates, Zumba, and dance fitness. Dovetailing with the barefoot trend of the last couple of years, these shoes are actually geared to disciplines that have traditionally been performed barefoot. The added support and protection offered by the studio shoe has won fans in those who appreciate the increased stability, warmth, and hygiene they provide.

The movements involved in dance, yoga, and pilates have historically precluded the use of footwear such as sneakers. Such thick-soled and confining shoes do not allow the range of movement necessary for the finer maneuvers involved in these disciplines. Until recently, if you were uncomfortable going completely barefoot during one of these classes, your choices of footwear have been restricted to slippery socks or unfashionable dance shoes.

Fortunately for us, an emerging cadre of companies have stepped up to the plate, ready to fill the gap between style and comfort in studio footwear. The result is an exciting array of super stylish shoes that will kick up the fashion factor in studios everywhere!

Studio Shoes mean fashion for your feet for yoga, Pilates, Zumba or any other studio environment

The barefoot trend is based on research which indicates that the use of structured footwear weakens the smaller muscles, tendons and ligaments in your feet. With such a high level of support, they are no longer called upon to do the jobs nature intended for them.

Barefoot shoes remove this excessive level of support, replacing it with gentle padding and a protective barrier to keep feet clean and safe. The result is an improvement in your natural gait, and the strengthening of all those small elements of the foot that are essential to your sense of balance and proprioception.

Studio shoes capitalize on these benefits of the barefoot trend, fine tuning them to fit the demands of studio-centered activities in which certain exercises and equipment present a unique set of demands upon the movement of your feet. Unfortunately, barefoot shoes and fashion have not always gone hand in hand.

Barefoot styles have gained fans based on their comfort, but you won’t hear many rave reviews about their style. Luckily for the fashion-conscious among us, that is all about to change…

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Already inspiring covetous proclamations in the yoga and pilates world is the New York City-based designer Blake Brody, and her eponymous line of In-Studio Footwear. Blake Brody shoes preserve a ballet-flat silhouette, though their design is light years ahead of the pale pink standard you may remember from ballet classes as a little girl.

studio shoes by blake brody

studio shoes by blake brody

Blake Brody designs and prints are modern and fashion-forward. They are executed in environmentally-friendly materials, including an arch made from entirely recycled stuffing.

Technologically, they are far more advanced than their understated appearance suggests. Their arch construction was based on a mapping of the morphology of the foot in action during studio classes. A high-tech plasma layer incorporated into their lining disperses perspiration, speeding evaporation. The liner also contains an antimicrobial agent for increased hygiene. The shoe is sewn in a way that allows a secure and comfortable grip on the foot while maintaining the flexibility needed to execute the full point and flex required by most studio disciplines.

Adorable shoes, cozy feet, and a full range of motion. Welcome to the new revolution of studio shoes for all out comfort for your practice!

Contrasting with the sophisticated and feminine design of a Blake Brody, is the fresh and vibrant Rio Soul.

Rio Soul shoes have their roots in the vivacious culture of their founder’s home country, Brazil. Their look is reminiscent of a traditional sneaker, thought the sole is soft and the colors are vivid.

Rio Soul enthusiasts tout the shoe’s applicability to all forms of studio practice, including yoga, pilates, Zumba, and dance fitness. It’s flexible construction permits the foot’s full range of motion, and the soft sole allows its wearer to retain the grounded sense of connection to the earth that is so vital in these practices. This flexibility belies the strength underlying the construction of the Rio Soul.

studio shoes by rio soul

studio shoes by rio soul

Not content to stay hidden in the studio, Rio Souls are water resistant and sturdy enough to strut their stuff on a nature walk as well. They are available in every color of the rainbow, as well as white for the traditionalists among you. You will find yourself reluctant to ever take these shoes off, so it may be wise to pick up a pair in several different colors to match any outfit.

The collections being introduced by companies like Rio Soul and Blake Brody are bringing a whole new level of fashion to your studio experience. Taking the best of the barefoot trend and customizing it for your yoga, pilates, Zumba, and dance fitness practices, these designers have filled a neglected niche in the fitness-wear industry.

If you have ever experienced the discomfort of cold feet or insufficient support during a session, suffer no more. The new studio shoes take care of the physical discomfort with the added benefit of bringing an amazing sense of style to your fitness wardrobe.

To date, the barefoot trend has fallen short in the style department. Luckily for you, there is now a barefoot shoe that is cute and fully functional for your in-studio practice. Try one today. You will be amazed at the boost an increased sense comfort and style bring to your workout with the latest in studio shoes.