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Pointe Shoes

pointe shoesYou’ve waited for this day to get your first pointe shoes for what seems like an eternity. All of your hard work, dedication, and talent have led you down a pathway toward your first pair of pointe shoes, and the day has finally arrived for your fitting. It’s exciting, it’s emotional, and most of all, it needs to be done correctly! We know! We’ve been there!

Our pointe shoe fitters are professional dancers and dancers who have been on pointe for years. They know the excitement you feel upon entering our store for your first fitting, and understand the importance of sending you out of our store with an absolutely perfect fit.

Our fitters will embrace your enthusiasm while remaining mindful of the nitty gritty details of style, shank strength, width, and all the other important variables that go into maintaining your health and comfort while you perform on pointe. This following information will help you prepare for your first fitting, and let you know what to expect on your big day.

Now Get Professional Fittings for Your Pointe Shoes in Anchorage!

When you arrive for your first fitting, please be sure that you have trimmed your toenails. If possible, file your nails down rather than clipping them. Clipping can sometimes leave the nail vulnerable to cracking, which may lead to ingrown toenails and other painful conditions. Be prepared to discuss any injuries or problems you are experiencing with your professional pointe shoe fitter.

Since this is an important milestone in a dancer’s life, you may also want to bring a camera to capture the moment! As we have mentioned, we understand the significance of your first pair of pointe shoes, and we know how exciting it is. We welcome your enthusiasm!

The Wrong Fit Can Cause Serious Damage

bodyphlo carries Grishko pointe shoes in AnchorageWhile the first shoe you try on may feel great, it is important to try on several different styles to achieve a perfect fit. Our fitters are very experienced in finding the perfect pointe shoe fit. They are aware that what feels good in the heat of the moment may not feel so great later on. Our knowlegable staff will help you identify and understand the ways a particular shoe falls short of perfect, and suggest the appropriate adjustments. For your first fitting, be prepared to spend a good deal of time trying on different sizes and styles of shoe. Trust us, when your moment in the spotlight arrives, you will consider it time well spent!

Our fitters take their jobs seriously. Having years of experience as dancers themselves, they are well aware of the damage a poorly fitting pointe shoe can cause to a dancer’s body. Seeing a beautiful performer sidelined by fractures, bunions, sprains, blisters and back pain caused by an ill-fitting shoe is painful for everybody, especially the dancer! Fortunately, these shoe-related injuries need not occur. We have committed ourselves to providing a thorough, professional fitting so that you can be confident in your safety as you begin to practice on pointe.

What You Should Know About Your Pointe Shoes

bodyphlo has Capezio pointe shoes in AnchorageWhen you come to your first fitting, it doesn’t hurt to be familiar with pointe shoe terminology. This will help you understand what your fitter means when they discuss different features of the shoes, such as shank, box, wing, vamp, and platform.

It may also be helpful to know a little bit about what to expect from a well-fitting pointe shoe. This can be difficult and confusing at first. Even a well-fitting pointe shoe feels very different from a street shoe. Often, a dancer who is new to pointe will assume that the discomfort they feel is to be expected from a pointe shoe. While it is true that bearing your weight on the top of your toes may initially be awkward, your pointe shoe should alleviate, rather than exacerbate this discomfort. The shoe should hug your foot, without pinching and without being excessively loose. Some of your weight should be distributed into the shank and box of the shoe, sharing the burden with your toes. Your toes should lie flat and not be overlapping.

Please do not hesitate to relate any discomfort you feel with your fitter. This will help them find the best fit for you.

We Can’t Wait To See You!

Our greatest joy is sending a smiling dancer out our door, knowing we have provided her with a high quality, impeccably fitting pointe shoe on which to begin the newest chapter in her dancing life. We have assembled a team of professional and experienced dancers to perform our fittings, each of them intimately familiar with the importance of perfect fit, especially get Bloch pointe shoes in Anchorage from bodyphlofor young dancers whose feet are still developing. We carry highly reputed brands, such as Grishko, Capezio and Bloch; all known for their uncompromising dedication to quality and performance. The result is a synergistic team combining professionalism, understanding, hard-earned knowledge, and products of unsurpassed quality.

You and your feet are worth it. We look forward to meeting you soon (and seeing you in your new pointe shoes on stage soon!)