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Men’s Workout Clothes

men's workout clothingThese are not the men’s workout clothes your dad wore!

The importance of high quality workout clothing has been the domain of women’s athletic clothing development for years, but only recently have manufacturers begun to expand the options for men too. Women have historically had a broader and more diversified selection to choose from with regard to performance based clothing that was sport or activity specific. Men, however, have long been made to suffer the limited options provided by big name athletic companies that offer little more than an opportunity to billboard a name brand instead of providing performance, durability and a good fit.

Now, Mondetta Performance Gear is changing all that by bringing men’s fitness clothing from the shadow of sports team endorsement and brand shouting and into the world of comfort and performance based design.

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MPG is not new to the active clothing market. After achieving high levels of success in the women’s workout clothing arena, the company was perfectly positioned to expand into options for men. The new line of versatile men’s workout clothes fuses the company’s experience with active textiles and their commitment to helping people look their best.

The men’s line is not simply an expansion of sizes from pre-existing company designs. Instead, the MPG for men is a complete renovation of how men’s workout clothes should look, feel and support through the rigors of all forms of exercise and activity.

In the April 2012 edition of Men’s Fitness magazine, this burgeoning line of men’s activewear received national recognition when it was worn by the front-cover celebrity Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is the Dancing With the Stars veteran choreographer and television celebrity. This unsolicited feature in a well respected publication has been indicative of the kind of response MPG is receiving from men everywhere. Perfectly designed clothing that makes men look good and feels great has finally been brought to the market by MPG, and men are eagerly snatching this brand up.

Is this the kind of hype that the fashion world parades around every season, or is MPG for men the real deal? It is the clothes themselves that are garnering the attention, and making all the difference.

The Spring line is divided into four collections, which is something many men may not be accustomed to but all will appreciate. The collections help to direct customers to the pieces that best complement each other while supporting general types of activities. For example, the Pace Propulsion collection offers six signature pieces designed to be worn interchangeably but always in support of the wearer’s agile movement and responsive speed. Working out is a time when men push themselves so the collections like the Pace Propulsion are designed to take care of the outside so individuals may focus on their inside.

Simple.  Just three categories of men’s workout clothes

This workout clothing for men is divided into three categories: tops, bottoms and jackets/pullovers.

men's workout clothes AnchorageThe tops are offered in short, long and no sleeve styles. Each top has a small percentage of spandex fibers integrated into the weave, which gives the garment the perfect amount of stretch and mobility without making it annoyingly clingy and formfitting. The movement and fit of the tops is just one part of their advanced design though. Fast drying and wicking textiles combined with multi-panel constructions improve ergonomics and fit for comfort while also ensuring they stay comfortable during those long periods of wear.

men's workout shortsBottoms are offered in above- and below-the-knee length shorts and pants. Historically, men have had to purchase baggy and bulky bottoms in order to ensure an unrestricted amount of mobility, which then results in an unflattering amount of excess fabric being draped from the waist. The MPG bottoms restore men’s ability to wear pants and shorts that fit by incorporating advanced weaving techniques that allow for maximum movement without looking like stretch-pants. The secret is in the articulation that is achieved by combining a blended textile for four-way movement capability. The result is perfect fit with unrestricted movement.

men's workout jacketThe pullover and jackets that MPG has released for Spring are the perfect warm-up and cool-down garment to help regulate the core temperature while keeping the muscles warm. These garments are intended to be lightweight outerwear that can easily slip out of a bag and over an exhausted physique for the ride home. The simplicity of the options here meets the tastes of active men by offering a hoodie, track jacket or pullover style.

Whether it is performance, durability or a good fit, if you’re seeking the best in men’s workout clothes Anchorage, visit us today at [bodyphlo].