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Gymnastics Clothing and Leotards

gymnastics clothingGymnastics is a fierce sport, filled to the brim with perfectionists and over-achievers who set rigid standards for themselves and their gear. This puts a lot of pressure on manufacturers to create the gymnastic clothing and leotards these competitors demand. The leotard must reflect an athlete’s strength and determination, while also emphasizing the femininity and grace that gymnasts possess. The fact that all this must be achieved with an increasingly small amount of fabric makes the creation of gymnastics clothing a tremendous challenge in itself.

Speaking of fabric, that matters too. The crushed velvet outfits of the past were uncomfortable under the hot lights of competition. Today’s performers are not willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion, nor fashion for comfort. Modern gymnastic clothing manufacturers have heard the call for comfortable and bold fashions, and they’ve answered it. Through the use of modern materials and fashion-forward design, they are meeting the demand for comfortable, attractive leotards worthy of the athletes who wear them.

Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of GK Elite’s highly reflective “mystique” fabrics in the creation of top-level gymnastics clothes

The U.S. team rocked the company’s designs at the London Olympics, and gymnasts everywhere can attest to their comfort and awesome designs. Their styles possess the boldness and confidence gymnasts must exhibit during performances, emphasizing these qualities before the athlete even takes the floor.

Mystique fabrics are lightweight and therefore cooler than those used in the leotards of yesteryear. Their ultra-shiny appearance is eye-catching and sleek, adding even more visual appeal to the incredible strength and agility on display during gymnastic competition. The company puts a lot of thought into the construction of their gymnastic leotards, eliminating tags and utilizing flatlock seams to increase comfort. Their consideration for all elements of a gymnast’s performance make it no wonder that GK Elite was given the honor of outfitting the Olympic team in London. Luckily, their leotards are available to aspiring Olympians as well.

Motionwear is another company that offers an exceptional selection of popular styles in gymnastics wear

The Motionwear competition line features sleek fabrics in eye-catching colors and designs. Strategically designed patterns emphasize the fluid movement of a gymnast in motion. The construction of Motionwear leotards is designed to maximize athlete comfort. The company also offers a gym line, suitable for practice. These gymnastics leotards are sure to be popular with athletes who love bright, cheerful colors and a great fit.

gymnastics clothesIn addition to their popular leotard lines, Motionwear is also known for a wide variety of warm-up styles. They come in the same super-sleek fabrics as their competition leotards, and are cut to flatter the gymnastic physique. The company’s motto is “set your dreams in motion”. Clearly they understand the aspirations of the gymnasts they dress, and make it their business to help them get there.

Gymnastic clothing and gear is evolving rapidly. Emphasis is shifting to more technical fabrics, bold colors, and fashion-forward styling. All of these advances reflect the gymnast’s increasing demand for comfort and the high standards set in all aspects of this sport. Companies like GK Elite and Motionwear are happy to provide high quality gear to current Olympians and the budding Olympians set to take their place.

These athletes are laying it all on the line. They are demanding perfection from themselves and sacrificing the immediate pleasure of a life of leisure in the name of something greater. They will not be settling for second-rate gear anymore than they will be settling for a second place finish. Luckily, with these dedicated manufacturers of gymnastics clothing, they won’t have to.