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Gymnastics Shoes

gymnastics shoesGymnastics is a sport that is filled to the brim with athletes exhibiting high levels of commitment and drive. These athletes are people who learn to sacrifice everything for their art at a very young age. What may start out as a child’s fancy quickly develops into a compelling drive to succeed that urges these competitors to push themselves to the limit. They rise at the crack of dawn to finish practice before most people are even reaching for the snooze button. Their bodies and their gymnastics clothing and gear are put to the test during rigorous workouts that take place more than once a day for many athletes. Gymnastics shoes and gymnastics footwear must be able to take everything the gymnast dishes out and then some. They need to provide just the right blend of support and flexibility that their wearer requires. Acro shoes are a favorite among gymnasts for their no-nonsense performance. Capezio has committed itself to the construction of high quality gymnastics shoes, providing the level of quality required by these dedicated athletes.

In every event, a gymnast’s feet are called upon to perform extreme movements that most shoes will not easily accommodate. Acro shoes and other gymnastic shoe styles provide a high degree of flexibility, allowing the athlete’s foot a full range of motion. They provide the traction necessary to execute complicated tumbling, vaulting, and balancing maneuvers. The stop-and-go nature of gymnastic performance puts the construction of gymnastic footwear to the test. Shoes constructed with inferior materials and craftsmanship will not stand up to the constant and ever-shifting forces applied to their seams. They will wear quickly and fit poorly. When shopping for a gymnastic shoe, stick with brand names that have proven their worth. [Read more…]

Gymnastics Clothing and Leotards

gymnastics clothingGymnastics is a fierce sport, filled to the brim with perfectionists and over-achievers who set rigid standards for themselves and their gear. This puts a lot of pressure on manufacturers to create the gymnastic clothing and leotards these competitors demand. The leotard must reflect an athlete’s strength and determination, while also emphasizing the femininity and grace that gymnasts possess. The fact that all this must be achieved with an increasingly small amount of fabric makes the creation of gymnastics clothing a tremendous challenge in itself.

Speaking of fabric, that matters too. The crushed velvet outfits of the past were uncomfortable under the hot lights of competition. Today’s performers are not willing to sacrifice comfort for fashion, nor fashion for comfort. Modern gymnastic clothing manufacturers have heard the call for comfortable and bold fashions, and they’ve answered it. Through the use of modern materials and fashion-forward design, they are meeting the demand for comfortable, attractive leotards worthy of the athletes who wear them.

Recent years have seen the increasing popularity of GK Elite’s highly reflective “mystique” fabrics in the creation of top-level gymnastics clothes [Read more…]

Studio Shoes – The Latest in Fitness Footwear

studio shoes by rio soul

studio shoes by rio soul

One of the newest trends in the ever-evolving world of fitness footwear has been the recent introduction of studio shoes. Studio shoes are soft-soled shoes designed to be worn in studio-centered classes such as yoga, pilates, Zumba, and dance fitness. Dovetailing with the barefoot trend of the last couple of years, these shoes are actually geared to disciplines that have traditionally been performed barefoot. The added support and protection offered by the studio shoe has won fans in those who appreciate the increased stability, warmth, and hygiene they provide.

The movements involved in dance, yoga, and pilates have historically precluded the use of footwear such as sneakers. Such thick-soled and confining shoes do not allow the range of movement necessary for the finer maneuvers involved in these disciplines. Until recently, if you were uncomfortable going completely barefoot during one of these classes, your choices of footwear have been restricted to slippery socks or unfashionable dance shoes.

Fortunately for us, an emerging cadre of companies have stepped up to the plate, ready to fill the gap between style and comfort in studio footwear. The result is an exciting array of super stylish shoes that will kick up the fashion factor in studios everywhere! [Read more…]

Stylish Gym Bags For Women

stylish gym bags for women

stylish gym bags for women

Gym bags for women have not received the attention they deserve during the recent evolution of stylish fitness fashion. Many of us still lug our fashionable fitness attire and accessories around in shapeless, unremarkable bags that say nothing about us and the high standards we set. Thankfully, the time has come for truly stylish gym bags for women.

The gaze of designers with a keen eye for marrying form and function have landed on our faded, junior high, standard issue, fraying totes. They’ve cocked their heads, scrunched their noses, and resolved to remedy this situation. The result is an awe-inspiring new crop of technologically and ergonomically advanced bags now available in a variety of styles, colors and designs.

More than your typical cavernous carryall, the new gym bag has been highly engineered to organize and store the gear that takes your fitness to new heights. And form has not been sacrificed for function. Whether your style is streamlined and simple, or feminine and frilly, now you can bring that vibe off of the street and into the studio with you. It has been a long time coming, and it is finally here. Stunning gym bags are now available to add a finishing touch to your fashion forward fitness wardrobe. [Read more…]

Women’s Running Clothes

women's running clothes, Anchorage, AKSince long before women’s running clothes became its’ own niche industry, you’ve enjoyed running. In the beginning, you’d throw on a pair of cut-off sweatpants and an old t-shirt and get a few miles in most mornings. When it was over, you felt healthy and alive. You wouldn’t have called it fun, exactly, but you couldn’t imagine life without it.

Then one day, you got passed by a woman in a skirt and colorful top. She looked great, and she was smiling! Suddenly, your threadbare outfit felt inappropriate.

Here you were, putting it all on the line, celebrating the life force pumping through your veins, dressed in… stained cotton. That day, you went home and ordered yourself a pair of brightly colored running shoes, some patterned tanks, and a couple of running skirts. Decked out in your new gear, you hit the pavement with a spring in your step and a smile on your face.

Welcome to the stunning (stylish running) world of Women’s Running Clothes, fastinista! [Read more…]

Pointe Shoes

pointe shoesYou’ve waited for this day to get your first pointe shoes for what seems like an eternity. All of your hard work, dedication, and talent have led you down a pathway toward your first pair of pointe shoes, and the day has finally arrived for your fitting. It’s exciting, it’s emotional, and most of all, it needs to be done correctly! We know! We’ve been there!

Our pointe shoe fitters are professional dancers and dancers who have been on pointe for years. They know the excitement you feel upon entering our store for your first fitting, and understand the importance of sending you out of our store with an absolutely perfect fit.

Our fitters will embrace your enthusiasm while remaining mindful of the nitty gritty details of style, shank strength, width, and all the other important variables that go into maintaining your health and comfort while you perform on pointe. This following information will help you prepare for your first fitting, and let you know what to expect on your big day.

Now Get Professional Fittings for Your Pointe Shoes in Anchorage! [Read more…]