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Finding the Proper Fit with Ballet Shoes

If you’re looking for the best ballet shoes Anchorage has to offer, we’ve got some great news for you!

In my opinion, the most essential thing to almost every dancer is the ballet shoes that they wear. How exactly do you know when a ballet shoe fits correctly though? The world of ballet attire, and especially ballet shoes, can be a confusing one if you’re not familiar with all of the latest brands and current technology in the dance industry. In today’s fast paced society it’s all too easy and tempting to log on to the cheap, discount shops online and let one’s fingers do the shopping. When it comes to an art form that is as expressive with the body as ballet is, taking the time to head to the local ballet boutique for the proper fitting footwear will almost always benefit any dancer, and it will probably save parents time and money as well.

The Best Professional Fitting Ballet Shoes Anchorage

Ballet shoes AnchorageSo what’s the first thing to do if you need a new pair of ballet shoes? The first step is to head into your local ballet boutique and have a shoe fitter help you start trying shoes on! Why is this step so important? The obvious answer to this is to make sure that the ballet shoe fits correctly. Not only does the shoe need to fit the length of a dancer’s foot, but some ballet shoe styles will vary in width as well.

When examining the ballet shoe for the correct length, there are several points on the foot to watch for signs of a correctly fitting shoe. Looking at the toe region on the shoe, all of the dancer’s toes should be able to lay flat. If they cannot, the shoe is too small. From there, look at the end area of the shoe where the dancer’s big toe ends. If the dancer has stopped growing, it’s okay for the big toe to sit right at the end of the ballet shoe, most shoes stretch a little anyways. If the dancer has a lot of growing still to do, there should be a little pinch of extra shoe in front of their big toe. Be careful not to get shoes that are too big, however, as it will often cause dancers to trip over their shoes or develop bad habits.

Now check to see if the width of the shoe is correct. Look at the sides of the dancer’s foot. Is there extra shoe hanging off her foot? This would be a sign that the shoe is too wide. A shoe that fits too narrowly will cause stress on the shoe in the dancers metatarsal region (the dancer will probably have a hard time getting a shoe on that fits too narrowly anyhow!).

Have the dancer walk around a bit with the shoes on. As they walk around, check that the back of the shoe stays on their foot. If the heel keeps slipping, the shoe is too long for them. Also check that the dancer is able to walk normally. Sometimes a shoe will look great on a dancer’s foot, but as soon as they start to walk around, problems will arise. Maybe the shoe is made incorrectly; extra material could be inserted in the shoe that makes walking uncomfortable, a drawstring could be stretched abnormally, or one of many other problems could be wrong with the shoe. Not every shoe will be made to perfection, so it’s always in the buyer’s best interest to make sure that they are getting a good qualityshoe to dance in.

Lastly don’t forget to ask the dancer how they feel in a shoe; they are the one who will be dancing in it after all! These are the steps that most any trained or professional shoe fitter will take a dancer through when trying on any kind of dance footwear or ballet shoes.

There’s another positive benefit gained when working with a trained fitter also, you’ll get to share in their experience and knowledge not only of the shoe itself, but also of the schools in the area. Certain schools will only want their students wearing certain brands, whether it is a canvas style or leather, Capezio or Bloch brand, or perhaps only Sansha brand shoes are allowed. If your new to the area or unsure of the rules of a school, your local dance boutique will probably have the answers you seek. You might even find some local gossip as well!

Shop locally when looking for your ballet shoes Anchorage

We’ve all had our share of problems when it comes to ordering online; the shoes we need tomorrow are on back order and won’t arrive until next week, the shoes they sent are the wrong type or just plain don’t fit, not to mention the shipping costs nowadays which can be very pricey (especially if we then have to return the item and order a new pair). Experienced fitters in a local dance boutique can offer any dancer an easier way to navigate through all of the confusion of today’s ballet shoes. They can offer their knowledge and expertise with ballet shoes, whether it is with the proper length, width, style, type, or look. Fitting a ballet shoe can be a difficult task for anyone from the new or beginning student all the way up to the experienced professional, but with the right shoe fitter, finding that perfect fit for anyone can be a simple task. Just like Cinderella, fitting the right shoe on any dancer will aid her in making all of her dancing dreams come true!  And now that [bodyphlo] is on the scene, you can have the best fitting ballet shoes Anchorage has to offer.